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January 25, 2008

How I met my wife

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Lately I’ve taken up writing articles at Here is my most recent article on how I met my wonderful wife Jessica. I hope you enjoy.

It all started with a note left on my car one day after work. It was one of those cards that go with a bouquet of flowers. The years have faded from my memory exactly what it said. I was more touched by the thought behind it. It happened on Valentines Day to boot. I was working part time at a local supermarket. This was just the beginning of how I met my wife. I do remember the note tried to cheer me up on what was a lonely and somewhat depressing day. Why was it that way? At the time I was nearing the end of one relationship that had all but officially been called off. So this note came at a particularly down time in my life. The note left me a little more cheered up with a glimmer of hope in my life.

Well I went home that night wondering who had done this wonderful act of anonymous goodwill. Eventually life went backed to the usual grind. Working two jobs and in a failing relationship to top it off. The author of this note still a mystery. One coworker kind gave me a clue who it may be. He was an older gentlemen who perhaps noticed this one girl who came around from the bakery every once in awhile to bring cookies. After one day she came around he says I think she likes  you. She had a refreshing sense of humor and an honesty about her that was hard to miss. The mystery still remained though about the note though as I had no hard evidence.

Well as the month’s go by nothing eventful happened until around Memorial Day. I had asked for the three day weekend off for a cousin’s wedding. I got a whole lot of grief from my supervisor about taking all three days. I was peeved because I had basicly worked every weekend for the last six month’s (at least it seemed that way) and that was the reaction I got. Right before going to the wedding me and my sometime girlfriend have a blow out over the phone. I vowed not to call her back. Actually it was a big relief. Finally the weekend after the wedding I basicly played hooky from work one weekend. I had enough of the job and I realized it had to go fo the sake of my sanity. A popular song around the same time period, Sheryl Crow’s “A change would do you good”,  pretty much summed up my life at that point. The following Monday I gave my two week notice they weren’t happy but I stuck to my decision.

Well to speed things up a bit I fast forward to my last day of work. I was going to miss my co-workers but not the job. As I walk out to the car a free man I notice another mystery note saying good bye and good luck. It was on the same type of card. This time would be different. I was determined to stay and find the mystery note writer. Finally she (the girl from the bakery) came out. I’m not sure at first if she admitted to the notes or not but I knew it was her all along at this point. I believe we talked for at least a couple of hours after that. I’m not entirely sure it was love at first sight but I was interested in seeing her again. The rest is history as the saying goes.

After about two years of dating on and off (another story in itself) I married that same girl and we’ll be celebrating our ninth anniversary this coming April. We now own a house and have a five year old son together. It hasn’t all been perfect as we both have our imperfections and struggles. She’s the light of my life and my best friend. I’m forever hers though as I took my wedding vows very seriously. My heart forever remembers that note left on a cold Valentine’s Day many years ago that has warmed my heart ever since.


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